What are spunnies?

It is a made up word, short for spin bunnies.

It is the clique of women who rock up to every spin class at some god-forsaken hour of the morning looking obscenely cheerful. The women who power through the class smiling maniacally and barely break a sweat, but have the gears right up on the bike. The women who the instructors smile proudly at and greet as old friends.

Spunnies make me sick. So do the spin instructors who pander to them. I like egalitarian aerobics instructors.

I went to spin class this morning because I had to give the running a miss with the ankle (a bit of cross training – getting up early makes me “cross”). I got up a sweat and burn, but I think my bike muscles have atrophied and running muscles have flourished. Happily, my thighs look a bit smaller in the spin room mirror than I remember the last time I went. 

Anyway, enough. 

The day at work was good, though I lamented there was no room or mattress to take a power nap in my office. I was tired from getting up early. Em’s idea of bubble wrap is a good one but I don’t know where I might procure some at Broady Health.

After bagging out Womens’ Health mag on my blog, I finally got my subscription to WH that I won at the “Are you game” event in october. I got it for “best booty shake” at the aerobics session hosted by the one and only Michelle Bridges, the woman who has more muscles than what I would like to see on a bloke. I cannot look a gift horse in the mouth. 

Anyways must go.

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  1. I used to be one of those Spunnies. Every Monday morning at 6.05am

    Unfortunately that was not the case last night. Did my first spin class in a very long time and I was the bedraggled mess that walked out of the room after all the Spunnies (even though it was 7pm not 7am!!).

  2. “best booty shake” as voted by michelle bridges! that would be an excellent frontcover quote if you were to ever make a workout dvd ;D sassy, what other talents do you have that we don’t know about?!

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