The funniest thing I have ever seen.


Unfortunately I can’t tell you, with patient confidentiality blah-de-blah blah (although it was not, strictly speaking, my patient). It is something I have never seen before. It was kinda nice, kind of funny, kind of cringy.

My resident, who diligently rides into work and leaves a nice outfit at work to change into, had 2 pairs of her work shoes stolen from the doctor’s office! Who does that? They were not even particularly fancy or expensive. She had to wear her Havianas around the ward. This kind of thing would never happen in Dr House. I thought it was cool, there are times when I would come into work in moccies and tracky pants if it were at all permissible. 🙂

Had running training last night, lots of shuttle runs and run-throughs for speed. I am getting faster and can nearly keep up with the “fast” people in the group. Howzat! Unfortunately, my right ankle, which was badly twisted about 6 years ago, has been starting to ache a bit and was worse last night. I have been on bd ibuprofen which has helped a little. I spoke to the physio at work who thinks it is from scarring in my anterior talofibular ligament, I will take her word for it as I have long since forgotten the anatomy of the foot! I will get myself to a physio, although I have already been practicing balance exercises. I may give the impact stuff a miss tomorrow, go on the cross-trainer instead.

I have made a nice pea, lemon, basil and ricotta spaghetti dish tonight, yuuuumy, and am having some posh icecream for dessert. I deliberately bought a small, expensive, fancy tub of icecream; if it were large I would be making visits to the freezer with a spoon all week 😳

39 degrees tomorrow – the more I think about it, the more I think I will give the run a miss esp with the ankle as it is.

Stay cool and well hydrated.

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