The wisdom of T-shirts


It was a nice one.

I went out for my run on Saturday morning and did well. Had a snooze after. Went to Highpoint yesterday arvo (yes, a saturday on the school hols, brave!) and did not actually have to fight for a park. Parts of HP were quiet, almost like it needed a tumbleweed or two. The economic downturn is bad, to be sure, but there are probably far fewer fisticuffs in shopping centre carparks!

I saw some interesting T-Shirts (on people). They had on them:

“never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers”

“everyone’s entitled to my opinion”.

I went and spent my sportsco voucher on a pair of sweat wicking running tights with a zip pocket. Most of those sports shops are very male-oriented, and have lots of pretty tracksuits for girls which are very good for everything except exercising. It took ages for a salesperson to come help me – what did they think I was doing staring up at the technical pants? 

There were no technical tops on sale. I refuse to pay full price for one. I am a tightarse when it comes to this.

Last night, my old friend’s wedding. A nice Chinese Banquet (they are Vietnamese) and minimal speeches. The speeches were in Vietnamese anyways so we didn’t have to pretend to look interested. Lots of food and a bit too much wine. I didn’t think I was that drunk but I asked a girl wearing precariously high stillettos if I could have a go in them. She said no. I was feeling a bit too game. Oh well.

This morning, out for brekky. I usually don’t give places a plug on here but I will now – A Minor Place in Brunswick is bewdiful. It makes nice baked beans and I consider myself something of a baked beans connoisseur. Anyways, the place was packed this morning and we expected to wait a while for our coffee and food. Not so, it came fast and with friendly service. I have been there in the past and went off it for a while because of slow service and “too cool for school” attitude. And the coffee was good and strong. I hate weak coffee – if I wanted hot milk I would make it myself. Our waitress fessed up to overcharging us and paid us back in cash (we paid via card). 

A bit of a snooze, then off for some shopping.

To my other old friend Kristine’s surprise 30th this arvo. She is a bit shy and would never have agreed to a big do if she had have known about it. I have known her since we were 4 and she lived in the house behind ours. Often people become friends “by default” in childhood and it doesn’t translate to lasting adult friendships but she, and our other friend, Tanya, are actually people that I really enjoy hanging out with. It was good to see their family. Little Lauren, who is Kris’s sister (well, half sister, it’s complicated), I have known since she was a fetus. Now she actually has a fetus inside her! How time flies. I saw their mum, who the kids call J-Lo because she is on her third marriage (also complicated). I had to explain all the complexities of their family to Mr. Sassy when we left and he still doesn’t understand it fully.

Anyway, I am begrudgingly accepting the eventuality of work tomorrow. A lot of rambling above about very little but it’s my blog and I’ll ramble if I want to! 🙂

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  1. Nothing wrong with rambling. I make a habit of it. Means that everyone leaves me in peace….quickly!

    I never go out for breakfast as I’d make a pig of myself. Just can’t help it when there’s a full english breakfast on the menu 😳

  2. Sometimes the rambling blog posts are the nicest! As Jay said, nothing wrong with a ramble.

    I saw a good t-shirt slogan yesterday, it said “Save the Whales. Eat the Japanese” 🙂

  3. I was watching Mythbusters last night and Adam had a t-shirt on that said “I have no idea what you are talking about”. I laughed out loud at that one 😀

  4. Smith Street Collingwood is great for discounted sports wear- the proper functional stuff, not the lounging around in something pink and velour sort.

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