10.5ish km in 71 mins


I am really proud of myself.

I had a drink break (no walk break) at the halfway mark . The split was positive only by less than a minute and I tried to power in at the end.

The main difference was in the way I felt. I did not feel fat or slow, like I usually do. I felt strong and powerful. This is a major shift. I am also learning to deal with discomfort, burning hammies and glutes, stitches, breathlessness, and ride them out. I have developed gears. The speed I ran was not the slowest I could jog! In fact, I was trying to slow down a bit at the beginning so as not to get too tired at the end.

I had intended to run with Penny and the group, but rocked up late to Kanteen. Brunton ave was closed and I got lost in the bowels of Richmond. In the end I ran the “out and back” trail that I know well, Kanteen to one of the bridges past Melbourne Girls College, where Shells and I ran.

Next long run,  I will do an out and back, I will try 40 minutes each way. I am well on my way to being able to do R4TK.

Got into the wine and chocks last night (chardonnay and Cadbury fruit and nut respectively). I felt a bit guilty and wanted to pay penance but it was 2 glasses and about 65 g respectively – not really a major binge.

Off to a wedding tonight – It is that of an old school friend who I have not seen for a while (since my wedding, in fact). It is a Vietnamese wedding. No ceremony is involved tonight, just a reception. All the good bits, none of the boring bits :). I also get to wear the dress I had made in Vietnam, an olive green silk number.

Comments on my last post (keep em coming!!!) noted about trashy women’s magazines. I love Who, which I read religiously, and Runners world, which I have a subscription to. I also like Grazia, pure fashion and beauty escapism. I don’t buy Women’s health anymore, it is too much about diets. The first three letters of diet are d, i and e. There is also some fairly dubious “medical” information in there too. Similarly NW has become way too trashy, even for me. I leave it for the hairdressers salon.

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  1. I was excited by Women’s Health when it first came out but it was seriously disappointing on further inspection- I even wrote to them a couple of times asking why they did articles on Neve Campbell when there are amazing Australia female athletes who are more relevant but they never responded so I stopped buying it. (I heart Mens Fitness now)

  2. Well done on your 10.5ish kms in 71mins, sassy! That’s pretty much what I’m doing at the moment, so you’ll have to pace me soon ;D You’re doing awesome on your R4TK training, you’ll have no problem doing the distance. I’m considering doing it, the main drawcard is being able to run over bolte bridge, cos I just love running over bridges!

    Just one thing, re:your question about gels on the ausrun forum, I noticed when I took mine this morning, that the GU ones contain fructose as one of their main ingredients – so prob not a good idea with your malabsorption issues. Also the same with Powerbar carb bars!

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