25:41 – F@#K YEAH!!!!!!!!!!


We did a 4 km time trial at running training today. My previous PB was 28 minutes, as a 4km split of an 8km fun run. I was hoping to get in below 26 minutes, but got 25:41, an improvement of 2 mins 19 seconds!!! My split for prinny (3.2km) was 20:19 which is about a minute faster than my previous PB also!!!


It hurt but I held it at bay.

We are planning a trip to India in April, when me and hubby have some leave. We got some cheap flights – were $1900 each, now $900 to Delhi and back via Kathmandu. Woo Hoo!!

All in all, apart from a patient getting angry with me, a great day!!!

Addit 21:11 

I just figured out that the $900 per ticket is actually $970, and it does not include the $622 taxes. D’oh! Still translates to a $400 saving per ticket, though.

That run was at 9.4 kph. Yeah. I am about 1kph faster over 4km.

I learned some good phrases from my grazia magazine (a guilty indulgence)

Thumb-lashing: getting berated by SMS

Recessionista: Person who still manages to keep a chic life despite the economic downturn

Prehab: Prevention of young celebrities from acting inappropriately.

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  1. Yay, well done!!! That is a massive improvement and a perfect example of why us nasty coaches make you guys do regular time trials, they are an excellent way of gauging improvement.

    I never buy the mags but damn it I love reading them at the hairdresser and while waiting for the doc 😉

  2. heeeeeey! bl**dy well done! (in my best ocker voice ;D) -2mins 19secs is a huge improvement on your pb! re:the mags, i buy women’s health, runners world and frankie as soon as they come out ;o

  3. I used to buy all the mags – Famous, New Idea, OK etc but realised that I was forking out so much money on trash that I stopped buying them.

    I have a subscription to Runners World, Delicious and Womens Health only now and these keep me going 😀

    Congratulations on your PB, that’s a fantastic improvement

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