Sassy is on call.


Sassy hopes she does not get a call. (Sassy is referring to herself in the 3rd Person. It is probably annoying. Sassy will stop it.)

Had my first day at Broady today, had a good day, constant but not too busy, excellent resident and nice staff. Only trouble is that I am on call. I have the on call phone on my person and have not yet received a call; hope (touch wood) it remains that way. The prof giving me the shits even though I am not in her vicinity. She has a habit of that. I will try and avoid coming into contact with her. I will fake a headache, leprosy or the plague to stay out of contact with her.

After work, running training. Did a fast lap of prinny and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Then some arm work – my arms are piss weak now. 4km time trial on wednesday – something to look forward to.

Mr. Sassy and I have come to a financial agreement – I can book as many holidays as I want this year (India in April, here we come!) on the condition that I get rid of my credit card. So I did. I chopped it in half. Good riddance (sassy bites back tears)

The dang computer won’t let me book the freaking holiday, though. I have the insurance, not the holiday, yet.

I have been bitten by something on my leg, possibly a white tail. The red area around it is spreading and I have marked it to see if it gets bigger (something us health care workers do). I hope it does not get infected.

I have decided to do the training runs for R4TK, I hope they cater for penguins like me.

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  1. The Run4Kids training runs are very fun- and you get free stuff! They catered for me and I was/am a shuffler! Might even see you there if it fits in with my HM training. Hope your spider bite gets better.

  2. Good work on pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Too many people are content to just shuffle comfortably and wonder why they don’t improve. Getting out of the comfort zone forces you to work harder, and find out what you are capable of.
    The R4K training runs are (or were when I’ve been to them) very well run, and do cater for people of your level. You will find it much easier running in a group too.

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