Cilla’s rant #1 (with portsea race report)


A couple of things have pi55ed  me off today.

1. A big zit on the end of my nose! I am 29, not 15!!!

2. They are frickin well selling easter eggs at coles!! WTF?? We are only just getting over christmas and the resulting lard. The evil global corporations are trying to make us fat and apathetic.

There. That’s better!

Had a road trip to Portsea for the Portsea Twilight run, with my friend Kath. It took us 3 hours to get there, Kath didn’t know how to get onto the freeway. We got into Sorrento at 3pm and we were starving, so we went to the Portsea Hotel for a pig out – I had a cheeky sauv blanc and some fish and chips. Then Kath told me about a famous vanilla slice available at Just Fine Food in Sorrento, so we went and shared one and I had a caffe latte chaser. This settled like a rock in my tummy and 2 1/2 hours later at race time this still hadn’t digested. Also, we arrived too late to catch the undie run but I was lucky enough to meet Tony (Tiger Boy), Eat Em (don’t know real name), Duckgirl (??Michelle) and Wombat (Dave??). It was a spectacular course, and for the first time I ran along a beach. It was amazing. I didn’t run up all the hills but I tore down them so made up some time that way. All up it took about 50 minutes. Not bad. Will go back again next year.

Had a good sleep-in this morning and then met with friends Ames and Littlesare for lunch. It is a bewdiful day outside. Will be going out with a friend for dinner tonight to introduce him to Pho (the Vietnamese Noodle Soup Dish). Lovely stuff.

Starting work in Broadmeadows tomorrow…..I’m scared……

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  1. I admire your restraint in sharing the vanilla slice, she is a good mate, I don’t share pastries with no one!!

    Eat ’em is Mark.

    Did they have Humpty Dumpty Eggs yet, I love those things.

  2. Good luck in Broady! It is such a different run, glad you enjoyed it. I had my fish and chips after the run and I thoroughly recommend it- nothing worse than regretting the best dinner in the world!

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