I feel bloated.


Happy new year everyone!

A marathon 14 hour shift yesterday, constant work and I was not too crisp at the end of the day. One of the consultants gave me an earful, I gave him a jab back and he apologised. Not taking crap. No freaking way, not when I am working 14 hours on a public holiday! Good moolah, though.

For my last day of the year, I did 2 laps around prinny and I was quite proud of myself.

I am starting work elsewhere for the last 4 weeks of the doctoring year (It ends on the 1st of february. This new work involves on call periods. Pfffft. Hope they are not too onerous. Also, I still have stuff to do with the old work – a bit of planning to do for the next doctoring year. The blog you see is procrastination! 

My tummy has popped out with bloating. I don’t know why – probably the garlic bread and lasagna on new years eve. We went to my old friend’s place for NYE, the one who I had re-united with this year. Nice girl, but I was constantly fearing that we would run out of stuff to talk about. I don’t think we have much in common anymore, our paths have diverged greatly. I shall see how it goes.

Better start on the planning thingy…… pffft. (pffft is my new expression of distaste, for today)

Off to do the Portsea Twilight tomorrow, I am a bit scared, for two reasons. First, the course is a bit tough. Second, I will be seeing grown men doing an undie run (shudder). Myself and my friend will be making a day of it.

Postscript: I have just signed up for run for the kids. Better get my ar$e into gear.

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  1. Enjoy Portsea, I am sure some of the boys will be nice to look at 😉

    I got back in touch with an old friend a couple of years ago, it didn’t last beyond two dinners, unfortunately I quickly remembered why I had lost touch with her.

    Heres to a great 2009 for your running, you are only getting started matey, I am sure there is a half marathon in those legs.

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