A good tired.


Yesterday I did 4 hours of work “clearing potholes” that might have come up over the christmas period. The good thing was I got to practice talking a couple of people off the roof. It’s all in the delivery. A bludgy afternoon, some shopping and some snoozing. Mr. Sassy finally capitulated and got his hair cut at my hairdresser, it cost a bit but it looks good.

This morning I went for a run with Shells from the Ausrun forum. It was a good run, we matched evenly in pace (or she ran nice and slow for me). All up I reckon we did about 11.5 km in 1 hr 20ish. I kept fairly good form and luckily didn’t cough my guts up. I do have a bit of blister activity on my feet, particularly the balls (youch!), forgot the lubricants!

The thing is though, I am starting to feel my excess weight and realise that it would be good if I didn’t have to run with it. My eating had gone off the rails a bit on holiday and, naturally over the christmas season. I must say, I am glad I took up running in the winter; I would be put off running if I had to do the initial hard yards in the heat! I have had a little napski and feel better now, the legs are a bit weary.

I thought my little MP3 player had died on me last night, and I was plotting which new one I would like. But it did a lazarus on me this morning, I think I left it on and the charge got really drained.

Cooking a Jamie Oliver bolognese sauce from the “ministry of food” cookbook with Mr. Sassy, he is not keen on cooking but likes it when we cook together. Somehow run of the mill foods seem much better when they are cooked from a celebrity chef’s recipe!

I am all out of stuff to write. Think I might go read my marathon book or maybe have a coffee. I love weekend afternoons.

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  1. Glad you got everyone off the roof safely (I am not sure if that is a euphemisms for something else but I don’t think it is!) It is so hard to eat well over Christmas but I try not to wait until New Years to resolve to fix things too- there are a few good days for proper eating in between.

  2. hey, it’s me shells ;P i made it onto your blog…woo! (that’s the first time i’ve been mentioned on any blog, ha). yep, sunday’s run was ace – a nice scenic trail down the yarra. pace was perfect for me to get back into it after almost a month off long runs. was a bit on the hot side, but a little sweat never killed anyone 😀 …now i’m pumped to really get back into the swing of things! ps. i’ve vowed that tonight is the last night of naughty eating for me…i’m eating the last of the chocolate cake (with custard!) as i’m writing this…oops!

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