A christmas with our Buddhist Friends…


The Christmas post-mortem:

Went up to Bendigo on the 24th at about 5pm, the traffic was not as bad as I thought it would be. Had dinner and way too many mince pies – these are bad from the fructose malabsorption point of view.

25th – had a loverly sleep in, woken up by the brother in law ringing the cowbell and screaming wake up wake up (he is 27, alas, not 4!!)

Not a bad pressie haul – lots of body lotion. The best things – a marathoning book and some injinji socks from my brother in law, and a 12 month subscription to runners world from the mother in law!

For chrissie lunch, my mother in law had invited her friend Tenzin the Buddhist nun (Nee Kerry – she is Aussie and converted to buddhism) and Tenzin’s friend Yeshi from Tibet. Yeshi had never been to a Christmas lunch so I took much pleasure in explaining it to her. “Eat, drink, eat some more, preferably till the top button of the pants needs to be undone, fall asleep, wake up and repeat process.” She enjoyed the crackers and dutifully wore the paper hat. Lunch was a bewdiful roast beef….mmm….cow, followed by trifle and mucho chocolates. Dinner was vegemite on toast and watching a british Christmas movie.

Another sleep in today. I have put on my running outfit to encourage myself to run today – it is a very good running area around here, little traffic, lots of hills. I need to be careful though, I once fell over while out for a walk here and broke my cheekbone. Not good.

Doing a few hours work tomorrow (more as a favour to the boss, the moolah will be eaten up in tax) and then on sunday going for lazy 10km with Shells from the ausrun forum.

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  1. Are Buddists cool with eating cow? I know mince tarts are bad for a lot of reasons- but they are sooooo good! Hope you had an injury free run and a Merry Christmas!

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