Think I am getting a bit old fashioned….


2 cases in point.

1. I am lamenting the fact that nobody seems to be heeding the “drive safely or risk being wound around a telephone pole” message. I had cars up my behind, cars cutting me off, cars not indicating….

2. I went to my running group’s christmas break up at little creatures brewery today, to thank the wonderful paul. I had to restrain the drinking as I was driving but the other ladies were not. Given the fact that I have been a bit under the weather I thought I might go early. This was cemented when, as the night wore on and the glasses piled up, the screeching of the girl beside me got louder and louder. Then the clincher: “I once went out with a 28 year old (younger) and he wanted to do it 6 times a night”. Yes, in front of the whole group. Think I had a reflexive raise of the eyebrows. That was my cue to leave.

Am I an old soul? Is it because I have been married for 4 years at the age of 29? Am I a prude? Hmmm. Hold that thought while I watch NCIS.

Snot monster is retreating, finally, thank God.

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  1. I’m getting old too, and not just because 6 times a night seems a long time ago. I just realised last week that one of the guys in my team is closer in age to my kid than he is to me.

    That was a shock

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