chuckin’ a sickie…


It is apparently the great Australian tradition….yet we work more hours than most other countries.

I figure a productive cough and audible wheeze / crackles should be enough to give work the slip. I don’t know how so much snot could be produced. This, of course means that I will be giving running training a miss also…”If it’s in the chest, let it rest…”

I promise I will be back at work tomorrow, with (Christmas) bells on.

Just plodding through the housework, watching trash on telly and taking naps. I am a bit bored actually….

I have entered the Portsea Twilight with a mate – sounds challenging and I need to learn to run on different surfaces and in different conditions.

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  1. I did the Portsea Twilight last year- it is seriously great fun (but also ohmigod hilly) The beach run is quite short and a nice break after all the downhill.

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