Hit by the snot train…


Myself and Mr. Sassy are bedevilled by lurgies…probably after the plane ride (though most colds are acquired through touch and therefore can be prevented by handwashing…..ewww)

But still managed to do a 7km run this morning…think the iron infusion is working.

I have been looking into doing some volunteer medical work in Cambodia with Mr (Dr.) Sassy, it really got under my skin. I have sent out a whole heap of emails to random people hoping that it will work….even sent an email to a children’s hospital (I train in geriatrics……can’t be that different, can it???)

Had a snooze in the arvo then had the fam around for an early xmas dinner….my mum and sis are working xmas day. Had a presents exchange and then we sat down to a bewdiful dinner, cooked by me. It was the stuff we learned to cook in Hoi An in the cooking class and it was well received by the family.

What do other peeps have planned for Chrissy/Hannukah/festivusfortherestofus…?

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  1. Hope you get better soon- though the weather has been miserable lately so it probably feels appropriate! Working Christmas Day myself- but I am still planning cooking turkey and Mum made me some pudding so I don’t miss out.

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