That stands for Many Muscly Men.

I went to running training today and there were many of them grunting and sweating their way around the Princes Park track (ladies, don’t get too excited). I think it was the start / end of footy training.

Since I have done no running for 3 weeks, I did a straight 5km…this was very tough and took me around 35 minutes. I battled screaming legs, stitches and sicky feelings but I did it. I am still getting these unpleasant symptoms but the difference is now I can tolerate them.

The run helped with the thumping headache today. It was my first day back at work today and I didn’t feel too flash, with some diarrhoea, a headache, a cough and just feeling really tired. At one point I was convinced I had contracted typhoid overseas and was just waiting for the fever to set in. This, people, is why knowing too much can be bad!

Today I sponsored a little girl from Cambodia. I hope that this will help her to get some education (as well as other things like food and water). Pol Pot had all the medical workforce killed and as such cambodia is still desperately short of these, and other educated people. This certainly delays the progression of the country.

I had better go now and attend to the curry I am making.

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  1. When I first read that first line I thought you were talking about your blog readers 🙂

    Well done on the sponsorship. We sponsor a little girl from Malaysia. I love getting her letters.

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