Good news and bad news.


The bad news first:

  • I copped a traffic infringement notice while I was away, 225 bucks and 3 demerit points for apparently running a red….only by 1 second though! An expensive but necessary lesson. I am suitably chastised and feel bad for criticising Vietnamese drivers.
  • Going back to work tomorrow.
  • I have looked at my credit card statement and, sadly, the credit card fairies haven’t paid it so I suppose we will have to. It is the highest amount I have ever had owing on it.

The good news:

  • We are getting our thai airways money refunded, however it will not cover the cost of the other late notice flights.
  • I am owed a good sum of annual leave cash which will hopefully help ease the credit card pain, seeing the credit card fairy has gone the way of santa claus and the easter bunny.
  • I do not seem to have put on any weight (apart from a bit of the obligatory pre-menstrual fluid). My jeans fit fine.

Here is my favourite photo from the trip. It is me with some local ladies. The little old lady on the right offered me some food that was in her rice bowl.


Yey, it worked.
Off to running tomorrow – I hope I don’t embarrass myself too much.

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  1. I have been doing the poverty thing (well relative poverty) and taking my lunch to work and eating things out of the pantry and I am surprised how much money I save. Sounds like an amazing trip.

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