8 Hours in Perth Airport.


And am bored  shitless. still, we have managed to get away.

we fly off to singapore tonight, haggle our way onto an early flight to siem reap and she’ll be right. Worst comes to worst we need to take a night in Singapore (and only get half a day in Angkor, bugger!!!).

am blogging on Mr. Sassy’s teensy computer.

Have made  many laps about this pitiful excuse for an airport…bought a book, a mag (my favourite, who weekly, is a week behind here in the west) and some inflatable pillows.

BTW it is our 4th Wedding anniversary! We have lapped some hollywood relationships.

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  1. Get a cab to the beach! Or the casino- or somewhere- 8 hours is long time at the Perth Airport, it is worse than Adelaide! Happy wedding anniversary- hope you celebrated in style in the food court. Good luck with the rest of the holiday.

  2. Congrats on your wedding anniversary! I hope you get to celebrate it 🙂 and it’s so great you are getting to chill out too. Waiting and mix ups in travel are not happy times.

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