The new improved running sassy – now with gears and competitive spirit.


Went to running training today for last time before hols.

Did a drill where me and another girl did 1.5 km at normal pace, then ran back with the aim to be a minute faster.

This girl was faster and fitter than me in the beginning.

I beat her in the last 1.5 km by 7 seconds!!!

My times were: 1st: 10:07, 2nd: 9:15.


Thanks for all the encouragements on my last post. In reply to Tony – I will aim for the half in June next year and see how I go. I am keen to avoid all injury. I have found a buddy to do some long runs with (Shells from the forum).

I have a goals page like all the ‘serious’ runners do. Check it out and comment if you like.

2 days to v and c….have my antimalarials. Couldn’t concentrate at work today.

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  1. Well done on the negative split.

    Now it may just be me being a typical man and not seeing what is in front of me, but I can’t see any links to your Goals page – where is it ?

  2. Hmmm maybe I should have a goals page, lol. But you’re totally where I’m aiming to be- so keep at it because I’ll catch you and we’ll have to race some stage πŸ˜‰ Congrats on the 7sec win!

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