Following your heart (to Pakistan).


This is an uncharacteristically sappy post. I think it is a nice story, so I will tell it anyway.

There is a lass who I work with who is junior to me, who I helped train for her exam, and we became friends. She passed it and is set to take over my job next year.

She has often come to me for advice – very flattering but somewhat scary.

I saw her in the tea room today and noted that she had lost some weight. She said “I need to talk to you”.

She told me about the fellow who it would appear that she has fallen in love with. She said, with a sparkle in her eye “I’ve never felt this way before”. Cliched, I know, but I knew she meant it, she is not one given to exaggeration.

The problem is, said fellow lives in Pakistan (my friend is Pakistani) and is unable to get a job in Australia, dang financial crisis.

The problem is that she would have to give up the job she has gotten which she really wanted to do.

My response – “Go to Pakistan”.

That was my heart. I saw how she looked when she spoke about this fellow.

I went on: “A person in your position does not go without a job, you will get one here when you get back. It may not be the exact one you wanted, but you will be happy with it. There are lots of jobs out there, but love does not come along very often. And even if it does not work out, you can come back and you have lost little.”

I am more of a romantic than I thought. A pragmatic romantic, I would like to think, but a romantic.

We discussed a few ways that she could make it work and she was very happy. She did not look forward to telling the bosses. I asked her if he would keep his promise to her (you hear it time and time again, woman follows her heart halfway around the world, man dumps her). His family are involved, this is a prelude to a proposal of marriage in Pakistan. Her mum adores him – always a good sign.

I would be invited to the wedding – how interesting, a wedding in Pakistan!

Better go now, have pilates tonight.

But I am in a good mood 🙂

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  1. I’d have said go to, believe it or not I am a hopeless romantic.

    If it doesn’t work out at least she gave it a go, better than “what if?”

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