A spot of wanton shopping


A loverly weekend.

Friday night – went to dinner as a farewell to hubby’s boss, the professor of psychiatry. He is one of the most high profile headshrinkers in Australia and has created a lot of good publicity (and moolah) to mental health causes. He has friends in high places. Bloody good free feed though!

Saturday – took the ausrunners advice and went for a long run, except did about 7km instead of 10 and walked about half of it. It cleared out the sinuses (thankyou Andrew). Had a big nap in the arvo and then went to a mate’s place for dinner, his wife is an awesome cook. Hubby wanted to go to the city to do some shopping but I said “I don’t wanna go shopping, I always spend too much cash”.

Sunday – Big sleep in, till 11:30, thankyou very much. Then went to Melbourne Central. Me in Melb Central is like a kid in a candy store. Love it. All my favourite shops. I spied a jacket that I wanted in Cue and went back to buy it. Then I asked the sales assistant where she got her trousers from and were they current season. Then, after trying them on, I asked what tops would go well with that. And you can just imagine how it proceeded. I came out with the jacket, pants and 5 tops. The salesladies were very helpful and obliging. After learning the price, I said “surely since I have spent so much, I should get a discount card or something?” They giggled and said “If you promise to shop here, we will give you 10% off”. So they did. Wahey. Then I toodled off to witchery, country road and nine west, picking up more spoils along the way.

Mr. Sassy, you were told.

Have got a bit of a cough, hope it doesn’t interfere with my training tomorrow.

10 days to vietnam and cambodia! Yey.

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