Have a bit of a cold/manflu/lurgy. Mainly malaise and fatigue. I was feeling fine when I left work for the afternoon but this was me at home

That, my friends, is a sloth. Except I was asleep and not hanging from a tree. I got up and moved around a bit and felt better. Went for a walk to pick up registered mail from the post office – visas for cambodia – yay! May go check out the new Aldi which has just opened so I can tell hubby all about it. He loves Aldi supermarket. It is the only supermarket he will go to willingly. Poor thing is on call tonight. He is currently doing a rotation in Child Psychiatry (he is training to be a headshrinker) and finds this stressful.

It is icypole time of year and I have tried watermelon and pineapple frosty fruits. That is a blatant plug for the product but they are bewdiful.

I am thinking about getting a bosu ball (if you don’t know what one is, google it). It will be good for balance training and they had them at gwinganna. But the problem is, I have a fitness ball that I don’t use (or only rarely). I should get into that one first. I should definitely get me a foam roller to loosen up the ITB.

Have just been wondering what the etiquette is about going to the pool with a cold. Do people avoid it? Do they exercise with colds? Do they feel better? Hmmm.

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