The dreaded plateau.


I really need to pull my finger out. I slip in something every day that is a little unhealthy. A mini milky way here, a little sausage roll there, an icecream here and there. Then I see and lament the fact that the flab on the SBs, thighs and butt is not going. The meals are good, though. I am trying. But as I say, don’t try, do.

Am feeling like am coming down with something, a bit sneezy and sore throaty today. Slept through the time for run training. It’s too hot and I told the coach I needed to give it a miss anyway after the big weekend.

My hubby has finally managed to get his finger out and get his vaccinations for his trip….I may have to administer them when he gets home. Am used to giving needles. 

A bit of a short one today. Some encouragement/hints/tips on the eating would be good. Keep me motivated. 🙂

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