A bit out of whack.


A bit of a peripatetic blog today.

Went to my first pilates class in 3 weeks today and it was tough! My transversus abdominis (the core, as it is commonly known) has gotten weak and I lost what little balance I had. So now, as I type, my gut is sucking in. Sucksucksucksuck. I feel quite good after it, my butt, quads and hammies that were tight before are now less so. 

Think I might give running a miss tomorrow, I shall see how I feel. Don’t wanna flog myself too hard after the big run. May go for a swim instead – take the arvo off if I can. I bought some bathers that look alright and don’t necessitate major bikini line surgery.

I bought myself a pair of short shorts – by short, I mean mid-thigh. Usually shorts for me are knee-length. Good motivation to trim and tauten (is that a word??) the thighs.

After the porridge at Kanteen on sat I am addicted – yes, eating it on a 30 degree day. There are worse things I could do!!

I have a GBF (gay boyfriend) that I was really close with, we went through a hell of a lot together. The last few months, he has not been in contact with me and never returns my calls or texts. Or if he does, he suggests a time to meet which is not convenient and when I suggest other times he never gets back to me. He attributes it to studying. As I reminded him, I have done the tough study work thing and still had time to call friends back. I told (texted) him that though I loved him and missed him, I was angry with him. He didn’t text back. As per usual. You know, I feel strangely liberated after that. I have stopped internalising the anger and though it hurts a little, I am thinking that it is his loss and I don’t need friends that won’t return my calls. (OMG I sound like a tree hugger saying that but it is true)

Very exciting, got travel documents for Vietnam and Cambodia today – off on the 26th….wahey!

Better go eat dinner, suck my gut in some more (sucksucksucksuck) and watch telly with Mr. Sassy, it is NCIS and a cuddle night. My favourite.

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