A 15 Km weekend


Went for a family fun run in Bendigo this morning, the Brother in Law did the 10km – 40:40 with a sore throat, thank you very much. I thought I would get Mr. Sassy to run, he did quite well for the first 3km with some encouragement, but then sat down on a bench and refused to get up. Me, being the fair, mature woman I am, cracked the shits and ran off. He got up a little while later and finished, and even jogged a little bit. We shall try again another time.

My quads burn like buggery. I don’t know how I will get to training tomorrow night.

On other news, I had some medial knee pain which the orthotics fixed up. Now I have anterior knee pain around the patella after a run. My knee just feels creaky. I could diagnose myself on the internet (probably patellofemoral pain syndrome), I can ask one of the nice physios at work or I can just cough up for a sports doc. Hmm. Think the management will involve working the VMOs and possibly some taping. 

Huhhhhhhh. Work tomorrow. Think I need an extra day off. Only 2 and a bit weeks till off to Vietnam and Cambodia. Yeeeeeyyyyy!

Addit 2020 hrs: Aha! Found some stuff from good sites on the internet. I was right – VMO exercise, loosen up ITB, strengthen hips and glutes and McConnell taping. There was a good video on youtube which shows how to do it! All seems fairly sensible and I will give the tape a crack next run.

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