a toughie but a goodie.


The end of the working week was quite cruisy, with both the bosses off and all. This is good, because I was still tired from last week. Had not done any exercise during the week but this morning I went on the SS weekly long run from Kanteen. I did the 10km option, but a different route this week. It was mainly hills and not little rolling ones, big ones. I had to take some walkie breaks towards the top to make sure there was enough in the tank. I was cursing the coach’s name. It was not like the usual trail with no interruptions, but a footpath where there were street crossings. I got a tour of the bowels of toorak and south yarra. I marvelled at the enormous houses and manicured gardens. I nearly got hit by a merc or two. I smiled and waved for the security cameras. Curiously there was no dog poop to step in. I got to the main drag of Toorak road on the final stretch and there were a few people about. I banged in to a few louis vuitton handbags sticking out from underneath arms. A pomeranian or two nearly got an asics shoe imprint in their little heads. But it was all fun. I ran strongly home, dancing across all the little bumps in the pavement and having fun. Gosh, it sounds poetic!

I got a lovely compliment from the coach (even though I cursed her name up the hills). She said that every time that she sees me, I look stronger, fitter and slimmer. There you go! And I found out that some of the other lasses in the group who have been running longer than me are not yet up to 10km….I am not progressing as slowly as I thought.

Went for lovely brekky at Kanteen afterwards, very yummy porridge. Em was there (Hi Em)

Am at the Mother-In-Law’s in Bendigo, off for a fun run tomorrow, I think I will take it quietly and stick with Mr. Sassy.


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