Went to a friend’s wedding yesterday, it was really beautiful and I have never seen her fella smile so much. I must be getting soft in my old age because I got choked up on more than one occasion. She looked beautiful in a straight ivory gown with a lacy bodice; she is one of these tall thin girls. She looked radiant, in fact. The reception was good, I burnt up the dance floor (running man, anyone?) and they had a dessert buffet! Best dessert ever. I had a few too many drinkies and was a bit worse for wear this morning. I was wanting bacon and eggs but they are a bit difficult to get one’s hands on at work.

Not much to do at work today. Watched the election coverage and really felt as though history was being made. I am glad Obama won. There is no telling what havoc McCain/Palin could have wreaked. On the downside, though, Tina Fey has just lost 4 years of material.

Missed out on run club tonight, I chaired a teaching evening for the junior medical registrars. My passion is teaching. I am keen for people not to make the same mistakes I did and benefit from the salutary lessons the seniors have learned….not many seniors are forthcoming with words of wisdom. So no run until tomorrow; will make it short as I have a big weekend coming.

BTW I won a double pass to “Spirit of the Marathon” at Nova cinemas. Yey!

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