Catharsis and manicures


Bloody hard work yesterday. Was exhausted this morning but rocked up at 0800. The boss I worked with is very funny but manages to take the piss out of everything that everyone does and truthfully, it gets a bit degrading. We do our best. Perhaps he is so insecure that he feels the need to make fun of people.

We have a friend’s wedding tomorrow. I had been slack and not got them anything so I managed to wiggle out of work for an hour or two to go buy a present. I bought a tagine. I think that is something that one does not buy for oneself. I would like one. I then went and treated myself to a manicure; I have never had one before. True to form, I ruined it about 10 minutes after I left the salon. It would appear that myself and nail polish do not mix. I do need to actually use my fingers now and then, they are very handy for pulling your daks up after going to the toilet. Also bought some makeup which I have tried on….a very incongruous look, tracky daks, mascara and lippy.

I hope my beautiful friend who is getting married tomorrow will relax and enjoy the day, she tends to get a bit stressed out. Unfortunately, none of our group has managed to warm to the fella she is marrying – I am sure they have something together, but he never seems to be around as he is doing a very hectic specialty in medicine. I really do wish them all the happiness in the world and hope that he can be there for her when she needs him – she does not like to bother him with her troubles because he is so tired all the time. (BTW it is highly unlikely she will ever read this blog – most of my friends do not even know I have one…. Paradoxically it seems safer to tell a whole lotta people you don’t know about your life!!)

I am giving running training a miss tonight, I am tired from my 2 14 hour days (Friday and sunday) and my 10km run in between. Also a bit achey. Will cuddle up to Mr. Sassy on the couch and have takeaway. Happy days. And tomorrow, we declare “Bed Peace” i.e. we will stay in bed as long as we can.

While I am in the mood to offload, here is a poem I wrote last year while I was working my butt off and preparing for my specialty exams….it was very hard. It is hard for all of us.

(BTW, FCRAP is the jumbled acronym FRACP, or Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Physicians, what the exam is called)





I started enthused, but it’s all wearing thin,

The end of my tether is nigh.

I’m tired and I’m stressed, with my arse on the line,

Just bring on the end of July.


Hobbies, what hobbies? It’s work or the books,

All longs and all shorts but no me.

We all do our best but it seems not enough

Our mistakes there for all you to see.


I feel guilty sometimes, something must give,

Relationships suffer the strain.

My house is untidy, my hair stays unwashed,

My world giveth way to my brain.


And what do I do to deal with all this?

Stuff my face just to smother the stress.

The lard on my butt makes me feel all ungainly

Then I shop for a larger size dress.


All this work, all this time, not to mention the money

With no guarantee that we’ll pass.

God damn them, the college, they’re bleeding us dry!

It’s all such a pain in the arse.


And jobs for next year, who can deal with all that?

We’ve all got too much on our plate.

Can’t kiss butt and study all at the same time

Just a little more time would be great! 


I try to stay calm, no sulking for me,

I try just to laugh or I’ll cry.

Just want it all over, all over, red rover!


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  1. “Paradoxically it seems safer to tell a whole lotta people you don’t know about your life!!” – how very true!

    I’m thinking that given your recent venture into fitness / running, you are feeling a lot better than when you wrote the poem!

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