10 Km- No walk breaks.



Went for LR this morning with the SS crew determined to do it. No-one pushing. Just me at the back, and Coach Penny stopping by a few times. A different route to the one we usually take, we went west along the Yarra, across the Swan St bridge, into Birrarung Marr, then back along the Yarra to the MacRob bridge. I gunned the last km home and probably had an other few k’s in me had I kept up the original pace before gunning. Quite a few hills along this one so the time was a bit longer that it otherwise could have been, but I am really happy. I had the nice feeling of calm afterwards and I gave the coach a big hug.

Went out for brekky afterwards with my hubby and his brother and I had the pancakes. I have come to the realisation that there is no bad food or good food, just food, and it needs to be enjoyed in variety. I have come a long way.

14 hr day at work tomorrow. Better make the most of today. With that, I sign off.

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