sassy the energizer bunny – just add coffee.


I had released myself from the tyranny of requiring coffee every morning.

This week has been a difficult week to keep up with this as I have been doing “honest work”. 

Mind you, I am much more sensitive to the stuff now. It actually wakes me up.

Today, I walked around the wards like a little rocket.

I task-mastered some final-year medical students. To quote myself “If you are going to come on my round, I expect you to work. In a few months you will be doing this so you’d better start now. I have four rules. One: get the notes. Two: get the charts. Three: draw the curtains. Four: Keep up with me.” Seriously, though, I would have loved it if somebody had acknowledged me like this when I was a medical student. we were mainly ignored or told to piss off.

I am forbidden to blog about the other inner workings of the place I work, so I cannot share the other fun stuff I did today, and need to debrief elsewhere. But it was fun and I powered through.


I have quite enjoyed this week. I am doing a 14 hour day tomorrow and then again on sunday, hope the energy remains! Off for a long run on Satdee.

On the topic of other good habits, I am embarking on a mission to let my nails grow. I have been a lifelong nail-biter. I have painted them with nail hardener and yukky stuff to stop me biting. They look soooo good  I just want to keep looking at them (and, unfortunately, wanting to bite them).

Crap on telly tonight. Think I’ll read my book. A dirty secret – I love Candace Bushnell (author of Sex and the City, in case you aren’t familiar). Love SATC too.

P.S. Remember how I said I was Lil miss 7min km? Now a slow km is 6:53! yeah!

P.P.S. Note to self: take notice of the “excess consumption may have a laxative effect” message on the artificially sweetened ice-cream pack.

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  1. Cool- excessive consumption makes icecream fat free!(oops, bad thoughts!) I would love to blog about work but I can’t either. Nice going on your speedy runs- I am aspiring to run like you.

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