I likey.


Did some honest work today. Instead of overseeing all the work I actually did it while one of the other registrars is off on study leave. 

And you know, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed cracking jokes and teaching stuff. I like working with interns. I have missed clinical medicine. I enjoy it and had not lost my touch as I feared I had. When I was unwell, facing people was extraordinarily difficult and I really hated my job. I shudder to think of how bad I was. I now appreciate being at work (dumbass admin I could do without).

Am on a liquid diet this arvo for my pillcam today. The pillcam, for those who don’t know, images the gastrointestinal tract in the small intestine where neither a gastroscope nor a colonoscope can reach. It is for the investigation of unexplained iron deficiency. Basically I swallow a tablet with a camera in it and it takes photos of the intestine. The pill itself costs about $1000 (covered by medicare) which will officially make it the most expensive thing I have swallowed (or, for that matter, pooped out – no, they don’t want it back after, it goes to Werribee).

A liquid diet is good. My dinner tonight – Maccas sundae with chocolate and caramel topping (and the girl didn’t charge me extra for the double topping – happy days), chocolate big M and a big glass of wine. I am a bit pissednowdon’tfinkthelikwidcoatsdatumswel……..hic.

Even after my epic journey yesterday and notwithstanding the liquid diet, I went to running training, good to train in the sun. The coach said, while I was doing triceps dips “I won’t talk to you now, you look like you are in a happy place”. No. Just trying not to swear and looking up at the clouds. I didn’t want to miss training. I looked forward to it.

I likey.

Oh, and PS: I just want it known that I would like to lose 2kg before I go overseas, in about a month. Ambitious but I thought I would put it out there. Will help me rein the indulgences in.

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