A frickin’ awesome run!!!!!!!!!!!


I did SIS 2 today. I think I finished in about 56 or 57 mins which is better than 58:54!!

Sorry to bore youse, but I have to do the blow by blow account for posterity.

As per all my running internet buddies, I started near the back of the pack and relaxed. I started quite slow. There was a lady who was about at my level at the 3 km mark and I said to her “lookin’ good”. She said “I’m trying to keep up with you.” I told her that she had to run her own race, she sounded quite breathless. Got to 4km in about 27ish minutes and still felt like I well and truly had another 4 km in the legs. I sped up around the 5km mark and around the 6km mark I got quite excited and picked up the pace. I was really starting to overtake other runners, I think they were a bit p155ed off, they were sprint-walking and exhausting themselves, but I comfortably jogged and passed them. At the 7km mark I really picked it up and powered up the last hill. Coming down the hill to Alexandra Gardens on the home stretch I went quite fast and wondered what it would do to my knees. The final 20 metres I sprinted and felt like I was about to take off, will be an awesome photo. Gun time was about 59 minutes but I started well back, probably about 2 or 3 minutes.

It doesn’t matter so much about the time, but I ran well, ran the whole way (apart from walking through the drink stops) and I am so happy ๐Ÿ™‚

The brother in law (who ran SIS 8km in about 35ish minutes) is coming around to cook us dinner. Vegie stuff. Yumm.

ADDIT 1652 hrs: time 58:26 – about a 30 sec improvement. Pffft. Oh well. Still waiting for splits. Lesson for next time: be a bit less conservative in last 1-2 km and really empty the tank for the end.

ADDIT 1840 hrs: 1st 4k 29:56, 2nd 4k 28.30, a negative split. Yeah.

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  1. Congrats! It’s such a great feeling to really power it home ๐Ÿ™‚

    It was good to meet you yesterday, have got some photos of you boxing on my phone. Will try to remember to forward them to you before I leave.

  2. Don’t sweat it, right now you are learning how to race and how far you can push yourself. I see another improvement for SiS 3, that is the great thing about doing the series.

    Well done!

  3. Well done on the PB. As Em said, you’re still learning to “race”, and you’ll find that there is a difference between “running” and “racing”.
    Keep up the training, and the improvements will keep coming, which means a lot more PB’s.
    Hope to see you at SiS no.3
    Tony (tiger boy)

  4. You earned that PB, Sassy! Well done! By the sounds of it, you couldn’t have asked for a better race! That’s great all that advice paid off! Bl**dy good work! Gotta love a sprint finish!
    (sorry about all the exclamation marks! i’m easily excited ;D)
    shelley (shells)

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