I got pooped on by a bird.


Apparently that is good luck. Maybe it will mean a PB in SIS 2 on Sunday??

Woke up last night feeling sickly, thought I may have to wag work, but woke up feeling better. I think it was due to the dietary indiscretions of last night.

On my coach’s advice, I took yesterday off exercise, and went for a short run around prinny. It was a good one. I had something of a revelation. The first 2km my legs were really aching, then that beautiful moment when they loosen up – that, my friends, is the warm-up effect. It was a great moment and quite a good run.

I was telling a friend about mine and hubby’s housework habits. Instead of taking all the stuff off the line, we take it down on an “as needed’ basis. Ditto the dishwasher. I asked her, why can’t we just empty the line and the dishwasher and put stuff away like normal people. She giggled and said that she did the same thing herself. Halle-frickin-leujah! Other people raise laziness to an artform as well….

Better go take washing off line and empty dishwasher. A bird may have pooped on our clothes. That is not so good luck.

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  1. Me too!!! Clothes come off the indoor dryer on an as needed basis, beats folding them and putting them away. They do come off the outdoor line all at one though so they don’t go hard and fade, but they stay in the basket and, well, see above!

    I so wish I had a dishwasher but keep putting off the kitchen reno.

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