Size 13 – F@%k yeah!


Work as per usual today – some controversy requiring me to *discipline* some people…not something I like to do (no, really, I don’t enjoy it). I figure that, with the people I work with, when I am asked to tell them that they have done wrong, I don’t get angry, that only makes them angry, I appeal to their better judgement or well developed sense of guilt. Works most of the time. Honey attracts more flies than vinegar. I think it is better that I do the feedback rather than some of the folk I work with – they would be much more nasty and just likely to piss them off rather than achieving any real end. I have developed a better understanding of human nature in my job, particularly the position I am doing now.

Went to my bro’s birthday, saw his beautiful Grecian goddess girlfriend….I am sure part of the attraction for her to my bro is that it pisses her dad off…Greek dads don’t want their precious daughters dating Skippy boys. But they have been together for nearly 3 years, obviously they have something.

Had my treat night – fish and chips, more chips (mmmm, chips) and glass of wine, with a choccy chaser. Feeling a bit icky – the choccies a bit sweet today, think my palate is changing.

Now, to the topic of the post….I went into Jeans west to try on some jeans – usually I take a size 14 jean there (on account of my big buttocks – I take a 12 in skirts- go figure). Well, with trepidation, I picked out the skinny jeans in size 13, quite a tight cut I am told, and they fit with hardly any muffin toppage! Woo hoo, go me! The fructose friendly diet is agreeing with me, I am sure that weight loss is a bit more complicated than calories in versus out, because this weight loss is relatively painless, or maybe I have made a wholesale change to my lifestyle….hmmm.

Sassy needs bed now. And so does Mr Sassy.


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  1. Ahh good – add that to the list of things I didn’t know about women (currently in the millions) – your jeans come in odd numbers. For some reason I thought they only came in even numbers.

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