Reviewing my goals


Was just looking through my blog, all very interesting, looking at all the little blowouts of choccy and cake and all the running milestones reached.

To quote Sept 15

My exercise is good but my eating could be better. I will stop snacking on chocolates and lollies so much and eat more fruit. I will have vegetables with lunch and dinner. I will bring healthy snacks and lunch in with me to work most days. Since I can’t eat a lot of take out stuff, I will have to cook at home more, this is definitely healthier. I will stop eating when I am full. I will decrease caffiene intake to 1 to 2 cups a day. No more than 2 glasses of wine 2 times a week (this is fairly generous but gotta give somewhere). I will keep to the 90/10 rule and allow myself a weekly treat.

Snacking on chocs and lollies: prob 3 times a week rather than every day. More satisfied with fruit.

Vegies with lunch and dinner: check.

Bringing healthy snacks: check -nuts, fruit.

Cooking in: Check.

Lunch brought in most days. If bought in food court, have sushi or stirfry with vegies and rice (apart from little incident with pizza last week)

Caffiene: sipping on green and white tea, as well as herbal teas. 1-2 coffees per week now. Only have replaced coffee with hot choc or choc milk…..hmmm.

Wine: 2-3 times a week, between 1-2 drinks. 

Improved, definitely. Room to improve more: Cut out lolly munching entirely (or rarely), replace hot choc with green tea as fewer calories. Need to designate 2 “treat times” a week and make them good.

Went to running today, calves and hammies and tib anterior felt like concrete. Changed my style so a bit more relaxed.. I told my coach that in the past 4 consecutive days I did step, running, pilates, running. He said yes, any wonder you are fatigued. This made me feel better.

Little bro’s birthday party tomorrow – woo hoo, treat night!

SIS 2 on Sunday – am hoping to see the crew there!

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