I went to my first step class in some time today. I powered right through until the end. I feel like I am now starting to become one of the fit, strong, powerful girls at the front of the class that I envied at the beginning. It is amazing how the body image changes despite the body not changing so much – seeing it as powerful and fit and healthy rather than skinny or fat.

Went to supervise some lectures today, good to keep up on the new bits in medicine. Also, I wore sandals so I got to stare at my nicely coloured toenails.

I really must do some tidying….arias on tonight….boring….

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  1. Agreed about the feeling of being powerful and strong. I feel though my body hasn’t changed much everything inside it has, and I am totally capable and everyone can see beyond the flesh and see how I feel 🙂

  2. I love step class- sadly dodgy ankles have ruled it out for me- but I am super jealous of you! I previously swam alternate laps of freestyle and breaststroke but it doesn’t take long to shake that habit and soon enough you will be power down the lanes doing non- stop freestyle.

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