Toenail polish.


A good day today. Took the mother in law for a walk (sorry Em, was not at training, was being trainer for the MIL). Went to go see my mum in Werribee, we had some lunch together with the suburban folk at werribee plaza. I decided that I was sick of having yucky toenails so I thought I would buy some nail polish for my toes (my fingernails are bitten ragged). Just for kicks, I let my mum pick the colour. Here are the results.

Sort of a dark plummy colour. Please note that it was super hard to take this photo on my puter.

Also very bravely bought some bathers without trying them on. Well, the gamble paid off – they actually look semi-flattering. And the bottoms are boy-leg so no major bikini line surgery need occur.

Went for a swim for the first time in a while. There is a pool at my gym which I have never been in. I did 10 laps then went. I am a much stronger breast-stroker than freestyler. I tried the freestyle for a little while and I am sure I looked like I was drowning. Better put the triathlon aspirations on ice for a bit (unless you can breast-stroke in the open water….hmmmm).

Then went out for my good friend’s 30th birthday. A nice civilised affair.

This is an article from The Age today. What’ll they think of next.

Hooray, now I can eat all the chips I like.:)

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