Feeling myself up.


Now don’t get too excited, people.

I am just appreciating some new muscles that have appeared in my legs. Everything is firming up. I am seeing some changes. More than a few people have noticed them, too, which is good. I am starting to see the body I want to have peeking out, which is motivating. I now know how to identify and stretch out tight muscles.

Though I am still withdrawing from caffiene, having traded lattes for hot chocolates, I don’t have the nasty peaks and troughs of blood glucose with cravings for sugar. I am satisfied with a banana or an orange rather than a bickie or chocolate. I even appreciate the subtle sweetness of pecans. I think Gwinganna helped me to sort that out, to appreciate the exquisite sweetness of an in-season navel rather than crave refined carbs. Ugh, now I am waxing poetic about fruit and nuts.

Am still feeling a bit tired though, this could be post-10km fatigue, sunday sapped me a bit. The iron deficiency is probably contributing, though I am having a pillcam to sort it out in a couple of weeks. Generally, I am feeling the best I have in a long time.

I think I have wiggled my way out of most of the weekend lecture series – I told prof I had family commitments on Saturday (which I do, I just made them after the fact).

I have just returned from Carlton, I went to Borders to collect my “Secret diary of a Callgirl” DVD. No, not quite as pornographic as it sounds, it is actually a very clever series starring Billie Piper. Then went to trotters for a vegie risotto, hubby is out and I couldn’t be bothered cooking for one.

Bring on da weekend!


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