Somnolence and long lost friends


A bit sore and sorry for myself today, I reluctantly dragged my carcass in to work. I don’t know if I fully realised it before, but hospitals are stressful places to work. Derrr. My posters were up for research week, I was very proud indeed.

Anyway I did my best to keep the zen from my holidays and did lots of breathing in turquoise, breathing out red. I wondered whether piping some “om” music into the workplace would calm it all down a bit. I work with a particularly whiny person and I managed to calmy suppress the urge not to slap her… fact I smiled at her. The holiday in Gwinganna worked!

Oooh, and I had no coffee today!

I was wrecked in the arvo – ? after effects from the big effort yesterday. I went home from work and laid down with the intention of having a half hour snooze and woke up 2 and a half hours later. Must have needed it. I also gave running training a miss given the soreness – the whole listening to the body thing.

I had a facebook message from my high school best friend who was going through her photos, saw a photo of us out at the metro night club (the shame) and she decided to get in touch. I have not spoken to her for about 8 years, we drifted apart in the usual way (she had a boyfriend who was a bit of a tool and I was off busy at uni). She is now married (to another boy, thank God) and is preggers. It was good to have a chat with her and catch up on all the people we know. I invited her round for dinner and a summer heights high dvd marathon. She hadn’t seen SHH! I know she will love it.

The prof wants me to come in for the whole weekend (unpaid) to supervise a lecture series…..I would really like to tell her to get stuffed. In fact I think I will be gently assertive. Weekends are for family. I need to see my mummy.

And I need to unpack the dishwasher and finish unpacking my suitcase (I got home on friday….whoops).

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