1 hour 15 minutes…..but I did it.


A little slower than the 1:07 from last week.

A bit of a battle in the hot and wind and I didn’t like the hills very much. I shall chalk it up to experience and consolidate in the next lot…..in 2 weeks I have the spring into shape number 2, where it’ll be warm so I can practice in these environments.

The main thing……I need not to go out too fast so I have some left in the tank for the last 10 km….the km markers weren’t great.

My friend Kath, who I ran with, was very good and kept with me. The poor little thing had nasty blisters on her feet at the end. I think I will go it alone and pace myself next time. And, to keep cool, I will tip some water over my head. Think that will help.

The main thing is…..I achieved my goal.

I’ll say it again louder: I ACHIEVED MY GOAL!!! Hell yeah.

Am all refreshed from my gwinganna trip. All organic and yoga-ed. It was great and I would recommend it to anyone. Have (hopefully) cured my addiction to caffiene, which will do my reflux the world of good.

I am going to stick my sore butt to the couch tonight and watch Idol.


Addendum 1900 hrs: Raiding the skinny wardrobe. Men don’t get this unique aspect of the woman’s psyche. I tried on my witchery size 12 shorts and velvet pants (both with the tags on, the pants were bought 2 and a half years ago). The shorts fit, the pants had some minor muffin toppage (oh, the vagaries of sizing) but should be ready for prime-time in the next couple of weeks.

Hell yeah, I said, hell yeah!!!

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  1. This is so great! Congratulations! It’s fantastic to see someone else besides me proud of their achievement, I’ve seen a lot of disappointment through MM runners. It was a challenging day but I think you did brilliantly. And congratulations on your raiding the ‘skinny wardrobe’. 😀

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