A milestone reached.


I finally ran 10km!!!!!!! I am da Bomb. I am the greatest. I better shut up now or my head will explode 🙂

I did my long run, finally had the pleasure of meeting Em, who was on her trusty cycle. She very kindly rode with me, so I had a person to yap with, not that there was much yapping done toward the end, I was hurting a little. I let go some language that would make a sailor blush. But I did it, in 1 hour, 7 minutes, which was faster than my 70 minute goal. Bring on Oct 12!

Last night, went shopping with hubby for some shoes and clothes. I am turning into my mum. I lead him around and picked out the stuff for him to try on (or reject). We went to Nando’s for dinner, and the boy at the counter said “would you like to upsize those fries”. I replied “you shouldn’t be doing that, there is an obesity epidemic, you know”. And when we went in to the shoe shop, the two sales assistants were yapping (one had a ridiculous haircut and ridiculously skinny jeans) and after a minute of them ignoring us, I said “are you going to help my husband, or keep yapping?”  Yes. Morphing into mother.

Off to earn some cashola this evening, then off to Gwinganna tomorrow. Looking forward to it, but I will miss my hubby.


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  1. Congratulations on the 10k run! Woohoo for progress! This is so fantastic, I’m so proud! *hugs*

    And to be honest I would totally upsize my chips because I love Nando’s. My favourite take out- ever.

    Oct 12 here we come! (And you deserve to get a big head, revel in it, love it, roll around in it until it begins to smell old and funny!)

  2. Hope you had a great trip and it was lovely to meet you. I won’t be on the bike tomorrow, I’ll be running!!

    Don’t worry about the language, I live with an ex-sailor and trust me, I’ve heard much worse.

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