mojo AWOL today


Have just come back from running training. Was not feeling right today – sore from Monday’s sprints and yesterday’s pilates. I did a few short sprints and then started a 30 min run….legs were jelly so decided to walk. It is lucky that I did the 9 and a bit km on saturday, I know I can do it come next sunday. I just think I needed a bit of a longer rest between runs to recover. Any exercise is better than none. Am feeling a bit more wheezy than usual.

Have finished my abstracts for research week – yay. 

I have to drive to Epping (work), then Richmond, then back home to Brunswick, then Cheltenham tomorrow. That will be taxing.

The comments (I suppose they are complements) are coming in about my weight loss – have only lost a couple of kilos. Had shocking carb cravings today.

Only 4 more days to Gwinganna. I go on Sunday. I am working sat evening. Better get the washing done!

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