road trippin’ and personal bests


Friday PM – went for date night with Hubby, went to Directors Suite. 35 bucks for a reclining seat and the ability to buy and consume overpriced alcohol and cakes. You be the judge. Went to see Eagle eye which is essentially a film about two ridiculously good looking people looking bewildered and running away from stuff being blown up. A tried and true Hollywood formula. 

Saturday am- running group along yarra. Coach Julie was there, so had a buddy for some of the run. I did about 9.5 km, with the limiting factor being Julie’s time (she had a family member in hospital so she had to go). Felt good after, but was a bit pooped and needed a nap, didn’t get the requisite sleep hours before.

Saturday arvo – went up to country victoria to see my frail elderly nanna. I drove my mum. She managed not to drive me too crazy but there was a little backseat driving going on. 

Unfortunately nanna is quite demented now and barely knows who I am. This was the nanna who was good to us kids, fattening us up with cakes and treats and violently coloured soft drinks. She knitted us socks and thought that vinegar was really good for sunburn. She made sure our faces were clean with vigourous application of the facewasher. The nanna who was proud as punch when I got into medical school and told everyone she came across. The nanna who got into the shandies and every other scrap of alcohol at our wedding. 

She is quite sweet, in her own way now. She is deaf as a post. She does not remember that I got married and kept asking if I had a boyfriend, how old I was and whether I smoked  (no, 29 and no). I kept trying to explain that I was married but she couldn’t hear me, so in the end I just said, yes, I had five boyfriends. She said “good, hold on to the good one, the one with lots of money”. I asked her if my mum and I looked alike. She said “no, you’re good looking”. She is unfortunately getting a bit inappropriate and occasionally assaultive, not that she could actually harm anyone. A strong gust of wind would blow her over. 

I miss lucid nanna. I made sure I got a photo of myself and her, it could be the last.

Sunday – a lovely roast at my cousin’s place with my other cousin and their kids, and my auntie and uncle. Good to see them all.

Am a bit worried about my mum, I think that a long history of heavy smoking and BMI of 40 are starting to catch up with her. She is breathless on minimal exertion. I can hear her wheeze. But will she be told to look after herself – No. Hard to know what to do. Worrying will not help.

I feel a bit ratty tonight. I would like to quote Em with the Auntie Flo euphemisms. I have explained this to hubby so that he is forgiving. You blokes are lucky.

Better go, Dexter starting. Good show, but makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

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