Don’t fool yourself, speed hurts.


Well I was graciously allowed to do some speedwork today – 1km repeats the fastest I could do them. My usual pace is about 7 min/km. I did the first 2 repeats in 6:15 and it bloody hurt. I was thinking “man, why am I doing this to myself” and then trying to push the thought away. It’s all about mind games. And I don’t particularly like running in the dark, I like to be able to see and my eyesight without glasses for distance isn’t flash.

Now 6:15 may be practically walking for some but for me it was hard. Coach told me to slow down and aim for about 6:30. My 3rd repeat was in 6:40 and I felt much more comfy. I wonder when it will be easy, when I will naturally be able to run a bit faster? I am told that, with training, the body adapts, but this is hard to believe. Mind you, if somebody said to me this time 6 months ago that I would be doing 8km fun runs, I would have died laughing. It’s all additive.

The best thing about a run, I think, is the drink of water afterwards. It may as well be champagne.

My adjusted time for the SiS was 58:48. Better than 59:40. Hopefully this will improve.

I went to a mentoring seminar today. Funny. I was learning to do what I have been doing all year. It was good to know that I was on the right track. I have a little “I am a mentor” badge that I can put on my lanyard. 

Hubby on call tonight. Bacon, Eggs and baked beans for me. Yummmm..

So you think you can dance final on tonight. Woo hoo! 

Have finally mastered the art of pictures! Clever sassy.

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  1. I might be a slow learner but I found after getting to around 6 min/km, I stayed around that level for the past 2 years or so! I’m only just starting to get faster. In that time though, I increased my endurance plus had a lot of time off with injuries etc.

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