Right. Onward and upward…..


I was not expecting a very busy day today, but I got one. It keeps me out of trouble, at least.

My flourless orange cake was well received at work today. 

Workplace was in its usual monday morning shape. Had to go to help in ED, admitted a patient, sad story, but the only thing certain in life is death. Dealing with patients and families at end of life can be very rewarding.

There is a fellow I work with (and sort of supervise) that is a real tool. I see his mouth moving and I bristle. Very whiny. Thinks he’s hot stuff but really ain’t. He wonders why he didn’t get the job he wanted….and I wanna scream “Cause everyone knows you’re a tool!!!”. This is not a very nice thing to say about a colleague, but surely I can offload in this forum. 🙂

Continued some research, went to teach some students.

Ok. Was thinking in the shower this morning (always get my great inspirations in the shower….go figure) that I am going to outline my weight loss/eating right goal on the blog. It is written down then and I can’t deny it. And with wheat etc out of the question it is a good time to clean things up a bit.

So here goes.

I am 75 kg, and I want to be 65 kg.

I will give it 6 months.

This will help me feel more comfortable, reduce my risk of health problems and help me with my running.

My exercise is good but my eating could be better. I will stop snacking on chocolates and lollies so much and eat more fruit. I will have vegetables with lunch and dinner. I will bring healthy snacks and lunch in with me to work most days. Since I can’t eat a lot of take out stuff, I will have to cook at home more, this is definitely healthier. I will stop eating when I am full. I will decrease caffiene intake to 1 to 2 cups a day. No more than 2 glasses of wine 2 times a week (this is fairly generous but gotta give somewhere). I will keep to the 90/10 rule and allow myself a weekly treat.

There. It is there to witness. Think it’s fair.

I cooked a persian chicken casserole with vegies and I will cook some quinoa to go with it. A glowing example.

I am really loving Aussie Idol, good singers. Who will be kicked out??

Burn notice back on. Yaaaaay.

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  1. Just take little steps, don’t “cut” too many things from your usual diet because then you will immediately start craving them. Though it does help to have some healthy snacks handy for those emergency times. Super sweet Fuji apples have pulled me back from the brink of more than one afternoon sugar binge. 10kg is 6 months is a very achievable goal 🙂

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