59.40 – Bloodied but unbowed.


Spring into Shape I today. Weather forecast was for rain and wind. Wind, check (especially in the latter stages), rain, no.

First 3 km were ok, even ran up the hills. Did the first 4 in about 28 minutes. The second 4 k were much more challenging – legs burning, very stiff headwind, had to take many walk breaks. The last 2 or so k I ran the lot, even up the last hill, until I caught a whiff of barbecue and nearly hurled. Strong running finish, should be a good photo.

The time was a bit slower than I’d hoped, but still, it is my first 8 km so it is a jumping off point and the times should get better from here, especially since I am now allowed to do a bit of speed training, I am very happy about this.

I got sunburned, I couldn’t find my lucky running cap and neglected to put on sunscreen. Bad Sassy. Bad, bad Sassy 🙂

Very weary post race, nearly collapsed into bed but had some lunch and kept going. Went to see a charming french film called “Welcome to the Sticks”, then had a little nap. Legs aching now. Very hungry, need dinner.

Pre-race breakfast was a small bowl of rice bubbles, no fruit, which stopped the runners runs. 

It is a big learning curve…….

Sassy signing off.

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  1. Well done. I’ve done the SiS runs the last few years but couldn’t be bothered this year (might do one of the later ones). That hill is a killer the second time around!

  2. Well done young lady – a fine effort. That Birrarung Marr hill is a tough one, was it into the wind there too – if it was it would have been tough.

    The beauty of SiS series is you get three races close together – exactly the same – to test yourself against previous bests.

    Hope the sunburn isn’t too bad!

  3. Hey, well done, it’s all a learning curve. I have finally learnt that being more conservative on the first lap will generally lead to a faster over all time.

    As Yazz would say, The only way is up, baby….

    I bet you’ll surprise yourself with a faster time by November if you are doing the series.

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