oh shit i’ve eaten too much.


Pilates this am.

Then I spent the arvo slaving over a hot stove for our friends to come over. They rang up about 1 and 1/2 hours before to say that the husband was sick (then rang back 1/2 an hour later to ask what hospital he should go to in the ambulance). So they didn’t come. I was a bit sad, too much food for 2 people. So I invited our male friend and hubby’s brother to help us eat it.

I made a scrum-diddly-umptious flourless orange cake – see taste.com.au and type in flourless orange cake. It will give 2 recipes, take the one with the photo. I am becoming quite the kitchen goddess.

The BIL bought some chocolate and donuts and bread rolls over (carbo and lard-o loading for a 35km run)/ I partook of chocolate after the orange cake. hmm. Back on the saddle tomorrow.

Doing Spring into Shape tomorrow – weather threatening to be crap. Hubby is going to be the support crew. He likes coming with me but not actually partaking in the exercise. He is anti-exercise, and anti-vegies.

Am trying to wean self off caffiene, only sticking to one cup a day. In Gwinganna I will not be able to have coffee. This could be interesting.

Paid for holidays today – Vietnam and Cambodia. Can’t wait.

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