The angry olympics


If angry were an olympic sport, I am sure I would be capable of winning a gold medal.

Not that I get angry that often, but when I get angry, I get angry. Then I cool down.

Without elaborating, I just want to make some people a nice big cup of STFU (if you don’t understand this, have a think about it for a while).

The psychologists say that some anger is healthy and it is bad to suppress it. No anger is a bad sign. Certainly it was for me. Now I have some of it back, which is good.

Went to see dietitian to clarify the low fructose diet. Should be OK, main thing for me is wheat, apples and onions. She has recommended some more palatable breads (pumpernickel and gluten free breads are not flash).


Fun run on Sunday. Painting tonight. I want to paint a nude but my (lovely but slightly eccentric repressed catholic) art teacher does not like them. He prefers gum trees. No sexual innuendo there.

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  1. Maybe you should take a life drawing class, my OH has done heaps of LD and assures me that it is not remotely sexual, I am sure you would enjoy the artistic challenge.

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