Why do I think it is the weekend already?


I’m jumping the gun.

I just finished watching some recorded shows. Dexter, which I love but it always makes me slightly uncomfortable. Secret Diary of a Call Girl, starring Billie Piper. I have never watched it before but it is a very clever show. Billie is great in it and has a bod to die for. Even hubby, who usually hates these shows, had a giggle. Very tongue in cheek. Kind of like Sex and the City, which I also love, but a bit more honest. Come on, Carrie and co cannot afford their lifestyles with the jobs they do, right? At least Belle de Jour (the titular call girl) is earning the money for the spoils. 

Tough day at work, had to try and find a person for the night shift tonight, very tough but we wiggled around it for the moment. I have agreed to do the night next sun. I would enjoy night shifts if they were not at night. Do what has to be done. No bullshit. Taught the students today, they have really taken on board what I have taught them regarding long case presentations. Very rewarding and good to know somebody actually listens.

Abstract handed in for research week, yay.

Rang Mum, she sounded sick, she is off with gastroenteritis. Yuk. Hope she is feeling better soon.

Knees a bit creaky after my run. Will give them a rest till Sunday (Spring into shape 8, yes 8 km).

Looking forward to the weekend. Friday an annoying obstacle.

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