Sunny days and thoughts on long jogs and bikini lines.


Last day of conference today. Only had 2 coffees, one of them was instant. Had a wander about the city. Bought myself some nice running tights with a zip pocket in them, handy to put keys in if I take too long on a long run morning and Penny needs to leave. 

Went into Sportsgirl today. I used to love sportsgirl as a teenager, but was too impoverished and shy to wear their stuff. Some of the stuff is nice, I could get away with it. But some of it……it is way too fashion victim. They had a banner “Get styled at sportsgirl studio”…..errrr…

I then went into jetty surf to have a look at the bathers. Most of them are string bikinis. The helpful little lass (my, I am getting old) helped me find a top that wasn’t too skimpy. Then showed me a skimpy pair of bottoms. I said “No. I would need major surgery to my bikini like if I wanted to wear that” and picked up some board shorts. She giggled and said “that’s what my mum does”. Yep. Am getting old.

Ever since I heard about somebody getting an overwhelming infection from bikini line waxing, that put me off for ever. Not that I was ever thinking about it. The only people that need to be that close to those bits are my husband and a gynaecologist. 🙂

Went and cashed in my wad of medical receipts at medicare. Got some moolah back.

Lovely sunny day today.

Just came back from run training. With coach Julie I ran (well, slow jogged) 50 minutes straight, plus ran a bit faster 6 minutes before that. I was so thrilled with this I gave Julie a hug. She and Paul are lovely. Love them. (What the hell, I am in such a good mood, I love everybody 🙂 )

I am little miss 7 minute km. This is my speed at the moment. At that speed, my breathing is comfortable and I could keep up that pace, the thing that stops me is that my legs get weary. This has improved though, and should continue to improve).

Back to real work tomorrow. Back to pain in the butt Prof. Back to whiny people. Hopefully my good mood will stay…..

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  1. Funny, I never wore Sportsgirl when I was young, couldn’t afford it either, but I shop there now, I have my eye on a sun dress for my holiday at the end of the month.

    Not real sure I would want to get “styled” there though.

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