Fathers day and Girl crushes.


Started my day off with body step class, my gym membership is suspended and I go to the gym but the lovely ladies at the desk (hey Jane you da man) let me in for free. Puts me in a good mood. Went with mel the gazelle. She asked “what are you doing for fathers day?”. 

I paused, having not been asked that question recently. Then I answered “My dad’s dead. Has been for…..um…15 years”. melgazelle blushes. “Well,” she said “What about your hubby’s dad?”. I replied: “He died too, a few years ago”. 

melgazelle, being a sensitive soul, is mortified. I try to calm her down. “You know me” I said. “If you offended me, I would let you know. Please don’t stress”.

I felt a little twinge of sadness. Not so much for my own father. He died many years ago and was not much of a father when he was alive (two words: demon drink). Hubby’s dad was a wonderful man, in fact, one of the greatest to walk God’s green earth, and hubby and I miss him greatly, not that we talk about him much. Much more of a father to me than my dad ever was. He helped me buy my first real car, and fixed up the bomb that I had before that. A lover of socks, cheap sweets, fart machines and pommy beer. He never wanted a fuss on fathers day but I feel I owe it to him to remember him on this day. RIP Nige.

I have been very lucky to have some great male role models in my life, one in particular, my secondary school science/ chemistry teacher, who I am still occasionally in contact with. He invited me back to speak at my High school’s presentation evening last year. Some years ago I wrote him a letter thanking him for the positive impact he had on my life. He was thrilled.


There is this lass that comes to step class that I admire. It sounds weird. She is a bit shorter than me, long raven black (dyed I think) hair, smudges of eyeliner from partying last night, chunky silver jewellery, tattoos. She has a body like I would have if I were a bit thinner (I hope I look like that). She always wears black tights and singlet and has good muscles, not too big. She is a bit mysterious. A sexy girl. It is not so much a crush but I really like the ways she looks. I would not pull such a look off, myself. She does step on the high step and sometimes falls off but gets right back on up. Fearless. I am constantly afraid I will break an ankle so I have the step low.

Hubby is camped in front of the Sony Bravia watching Star Trek DVDs when he should be doing his essay. 

I have shopped for wheat free stuff (part of the fructose malabsorption thing). Pumpernickel will be an acquired taste.

Ciao for now.


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  1. It’s always an awkward moment when someone asks about father’s day stuff and you have to answer like that. I don’t feel bad myself (my dad died about 15 years ago too) but often the other person is uncomfortable and that makes me feel uncomfortable too.

    I had to laugh at your last post – I remember seeing a girl running and going into a rant about her inappropriate running bra while my male was going whoa! I’m sure he wouldn’t be saying that about her after a few years of that!

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