Never trust a person called Gary.


That was my thought from yesterday. It worked for 2 situations. No other insights today.

Having top n tail scopes on thurs.

The good bit – 2 days off work yeeeehaaaa!

The bad bit – bowel prep and the resulting deluge. Plus clear fluids only for tomorrow. Have taken to stuffing myself today.

Also, think I might pike out of pilates – have a headache.

a good training sesh yesterday – a few laps around the oval interspersed with some strength and corework.

Went to see headshrinker today. Am doing so well, I don’t really feel I need to go anymore…..the only main barrier is the megadose happy pills I take. They are a reminder of where I was. I get sad sometimes reflecting upon a few months ago and how unwell I was. The time wasted. Luckily, nothing changed permanently (except for a new understanding of the nature of the beast)

(Sassy inhales)

Well enough about that. Think I might go take a snooze. 

Have entered the coffee club 10km. I might do the spring into shape series. will think about it more after my snooze. Ahhhh sleep.


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